Luxury Living with Home Automation

Luxury Living with Home Automation

Future Energy is a proud partner of KNX bringing world class home automation to Bahrain.

Home automation is the new definition of luxury living. You can achieve your perfect ambience easily and elegantly with our range of home automation solutions.

08062016GB FE RGB lighting imageSet the mood with diffusive lighting. Keep cool with pre-set air conditioning. Open or shut blinds to filter natural daylight. Make sure your home is secure.

All of this is made possible through the customizable KNX user friendly interface. Connect through a smart device, a wall panel or via a central home console. We makes sure that home automation adjustments are always at your fingertips.

Home automation in a luxury home needs to be intuitive to be accessible. This means making sure that every aspect of your  system is clear and easy to navigate. The products we have to offer at Future Energy have adjustable interfaces throughout. Wall panels can build into the design of the home or attached to blend in after construction. These enable easy configuration for individual rooms. You can connect to your system through your web-enabled smart phone or tablet. A central home console is the heart of the system.

08062016GB FE mood lighting imageComprehensive control of a full house requires a larger screen. A central console enables bigger and better graphics. Here you have access to the whole home’s automation system in one location. The heart of the system is usually located in the heart of your home. This is a central, communal area where people gather to spend time. Kitchens tend to be great KNX command centres.  These all-encompassing user interfaces connect to: lights, heating, door intercom, the weather outside.

Wall panels can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. These do not need to be complicated interfaces. In a reception area or guest room, a discreet light switch would do. KNX accommodates for different levels of interaction through a layered menu system. Guests in your home may just need to be able to turn lights on. The wall panels keep it simple for them to do so. You may want to adjust lighting and set air conditioning to a timer. At least one person in your home will want to adjust the master settings in a room. Layered menu wall panels enable you to do this.

You can customize your wall panels completely. You can choose a colour to fit your décor, or even match it to your wall paper. Further, you can choose which panel design is most intuitive for you to use. Some go for colour coding of panels. Colour codes are easy to commit to memory. This tends to work best if uniform colours are used to show functions throughout the house. Labels keep things simple. A more elegant solution could be programming your KNX panel to give feedback. Your KNX system can let you know it’s working. This can happen through a discreet LED light flash.  A mechanical click or haptic feedback (a quick vibration) also work well. Tactile response is especially useful for residents who may have diminished sight or hearing. KNX works with you to accommodate accordingly.

This is the modern age of instant information. You expect to have access to your KNX system whenever, wherever. Remote access through any web-enabled smart device makes that happen. You can have immediate access to your entire house’s settings. Just connect your smart phone or tablet to you KNX system. You don’t even need to get up from the sofa to adjust the air conditioning. KNX remote access has you covered.

The solutions we offer make a complex home automation system easy, intuitive and elegant. Luxury living through home automation is graceful and attainable. Future Energy and KNX solutions partner for seamless integration of your automated home.

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