Why Future Energy

Why Future Energy

Smart buildings with KNX and Future Energy Systems.

KNX Powered Homes


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World Known Automation Standard.

KNX Association is the creator and owner of the KNX technology—the worldwide STANDARD for all applications in home and building control, ranging from lighting and shutter control to various security systems, heating, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, metering as well as household appliances, audio and lots more. The technology can be used in new as well as in existing home and buildings.

Smart and Comfortable

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KNX-powered home gives you total control but also automatically makes decisions to help keep your home comfortable while conserving energy at the same time. Easy to use touch screens both in-wall and wireless, allows you to monitor all aspects of your home and quickly adjust lighting, climate control, curtains and entertainment with the touch of a button.

Personalized Control

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Control at your fingertips

KNX home automation platform delivers fingertip control of lighting, security, climate control and entertainment, all from a range of devices both from home and on the go.

Central Control Possibilities

At its heart, a KNX-powered home gives homeowners the ability to centrally control lighting, air conditioning, entertainment, security, cameras, door intercom, and any other connected systems. This is achieved via the touch screen installed in each home, or via the homeowner’s web-capable mobile phone or personal computer over the Internet.

Control Me Anywhere

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Home Automation

Stay in Control from anywhere!

Using various sensors available, a KNX-powered home can continuously monitor the status of luminous, climate, security, irrigation systems and all other electrical appliances. Opening or closing certain electrical loads, activation of security alarms, water leakages etc lead to various actions including alerting the homeowner via SMS or e-mail messages.

Control Next To Your Bed

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Intuitive stylish touch-screens give an easy way to manage lighting and temperature inside the room.

A hotel room that offers convenience.

Improve the level of service for hotel guests by offering direct access to control lighting, climate, shutters enabling guests to enjoy maximum comfort. When a room is not occupied, it can automatically be set into any energy efficient mode.

Smart Lighting

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Elegance with Lighting Control

A lighting control system adds elegance and sophistication to the design of any home, inside and out. Simple and stylish control sensors eliminate the need for banks of switches and dimmers on the wall, giving your walls an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Lighting levels can be set to enhance architecture décor, and artwork. The ability to preset lighting to entertain, create a mood, or light a path in the night, are just a few of the endless possibilities a system offers.

Mood Lighting

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Digital Lifestyle

Enjoy the luxury of home-automation technology with mode lightings.

Best Lighting Designs

The best designs will integrate layers of light to create moods and draw the eye to key points of interest. It’s not just recessed cans, it’s not just table lamps, it’s not just accent lighting. It’s the integration of these sources to create a balanced design.

RGB Lighting

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Brighten your life with colours

Colourful LEDs add sensation and representation to your living space. These are fixtures mounted tight to walls and ceilings and are meant to emit lights in sensation. They are amazing when they fit with the decor and provide the desired lighting effect.

Climate Control

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Conserve Energy & Increase Comfort

HVAC control under KNX systems give you ultimate climate control throughout your residence. With KNX Systems, your thermostats and window shades or blinds can work together to improve energy efficiency, reduce the demands of the heating and cooling systems and prevent damage to expensive furnishings from over exposure to harmful UV rays.

Shutter Control

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Interior window shutters complement any decor with their crisp, clean lines, meaning they add visual appeal and functionality to the windows of your home.

Privacy, Regulated Light and Climate Control

Blinds and shutters vary in their ability to control the light and air flow in a room, as well as maintain privacy conditions. KNX-powered homes can control air flow and ambient lighting depending on the shutter being open or closed and the angle of the slats.

Weather Stations

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The KNX-GPS weather station measures temperature, wind speed and brightness. It recognizes precipitation and receives the GPS signal for time and location. In addition, using location coordinates and the time, it calculates the exact position of the sun (azimuth and elevation).

All values can be used for the control of threshold value-dependent switching outputs bringing perfect smartness to your living place.


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CCTV security systems can be a single camera and monitor or they can be very elaborate. Amalgamation of CCTV and home automation technologies brings fully integrated control solutions. With camera surveillance you can control extract gates while watching your guest coming in. Control of you irrigation systems and outdoor lighting can be further verified through live camera streams. A more complex system may include hundreds of cameras, digital recorders, and multiple operators. IP cameras, also known as Network cameras are highly sophisticated digital cameras with a built-in web server, suitable for indoor or outdoor situations. By linking IP cameras to an internet connection at your premises, you can view video footage over the web by simply entering the IP address of the Network camera into a web browser.

Energy Management

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KES Energy Saver

KES is Zennio’s contribution to reducing energy consumption. It allows the measurement of instantaneous electric power and energy consumed by up to three different, mono phase circuit or single phase circuit. In addition, KES provides information about the corresponding CO2 emissions and it estimates the cost.

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